About - twentyfiveandco
Why, hello. Thanks for checking us out!

We're a husband and wife team with a passion for creating and working with our hands. I design and hand craft all the greeting cards/stationery, prints, and accessories while my husband, Doug, creates all the wood decor.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved being creative. I remember being so excited as a 6-year old when I discovered Martha Stewart's TV show. I would even decline playing with the other kids outside so I could watch it. I was inspired and determined I'd grow up to be just like her.

I eventually went to culinary school but quickly realized it wasn't the industry I wanted to be in (it sure comes in handy at home, though). I ended up working 9-5 jobs in the corporate world but had several hobbies to satiate my need to be creative - paper crafting, sewing, soap and candle-making, you name it!

Over the years, I started suffering from depression, anxiety, and was ultimately diagnosed with PTSD and panic disorder. For those who have experienced depression, you know how absolutely difficult it is to even get out of bed sometimes. However, for me, I've found that being creative was the only thing I was willing to get out of bed for.

I was placed on medical leave and during then, I had so much time to be creative and absolutely loved it. I would make anywhere from 10-25 handmade cards each day. Not wanting to put the cards to waste, my husband and I sent them to our friends and family. Everyone raved about how beautiful the cards were and strongly encouraged us to put them on Etsy along with Doug's gorgeous woodwork.

If you're reading this, thank you. What started out as a casual hobby, turned into a business neither of us expected. Crafting and creating things are so therapeutic and we absolutely love sharing our craft with you!